Ron's Football Pool 2018-2019      MAKE PICKS BY GAME TIME - OR YOU GET LOSERS

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If you fail to make your picks, or pick after game time, you will automatically be given a loss for each game not picked.

Football Pool 2018-2019 Rules
  • Entry Fee - $75 per person. $50 is for the seasonal pool, the $17 is applied at $1 per week for 17 weeks of the regular season, and $8 is for administration.  Once the season starts there will be no refunds.

    The $75 entry fee is payable in advance of the beginning of the regular season that begins


    unless other arrangements are made in advance with the commissioner.


  • Season - The season consists of all regular and post season games (including the Super Bowl). Every game is picked every week.
  • Week - A week consists of all games played between Thursday through Monday.
  • How To Make Your Picks - There are two ways to make your picks each week. Online at our website at or you may call them in over the phone to Ron at (714)914-1188 (ONLY if you have trouble making them on the computer).

    When you send in your entry form and fee, you'll be given a User-ID and Password. After logging in you can see who's playing each week, make your picks, see current standings and even post messages for others to see.

    You are allowed to make or change your picks anytime, right up until game time. You will be blocked from making picks once game time has arrived. If you're editing your picks as game time arrives, they will not be accepted. You will not be allowed to view other participants' picks until game time has arrived.

  • Point Spreads/Odds - You are picking straight-up winners ONLY. Point spreads are not counted.  They are listed on the website for information purposes only to aid you in making your selections.
  • Penalty For Not Making Picks - It is YOUR responsibility to make your picks. If you don't, or for whichever games are not entered by game time, you will automatically be given the losing team as your pick. And, in the case of a tie, you will be given the visiting team.
  • Weekly Payoffs - As mentioned above, the extra $17 you paid for your entry fee goes into the weekly payoff pot. The weekly payoff pot is $1 for each participant. For example, if we have 60 participants, there would be $60 in each week's pot. If you alone win more games during a particular week than anyone else, you will win $60. The pot will be split if there are more than one weekly winner. All weekly payoffs are paid at the end of the football season.  ** Note **  By default, winnings that are equal or less than the annual cost of the football pool are applied to your next seasons' entry fee (unless I'm notified if you would like a check sent to you).

    The weekly payoff was instituted for several reasons. One reason is to have more payoffs. The other is to make it interesting for those of you who fall well out of four payoff positions. If you're in the middle of the pack or near last, this give you a good reason to keep interested and keep making your weekly picks.

  • Seasonal Payoff - There are 4 payoff positions - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Payoffs are as follows:
    1st Place 60% 3rd Place 10%
    2nd Place 30% 4th Place $50
  • Last Place ($50) Penalty - The last place finisher must pay an additional $50 in addition to their regular entry fee. This is designed to additionally keep a players interest throughout the season, even if they should fall well out of a payoff position. Also to avoid the shame of finishing last.
  • Winning - Each payoff place is determined by the amount of total wins for the 17 weeks of the regular season plus playoffs and Super Bowl.
  • Tie Breaking - 1st Place and Last Place will use tie breaking criteria to pick a clear winner and loser. All other winning places will be split in the event of a tie.

    The following tie break rules apply:

    1. The most individual weeks won throughout the entire regular season. (Not including post-season or Super Bowl).
    2. The total number of games won throughout the post-season (including Super Bowl).
    3. Draw cards for clear winner or split by mutual agreement.

  • Remember, it's YOUR responsibility to call in your picks each week. You will not be contacted or reminded to do so.
  • Weekly Updates - You may at any time log in to our website at for updates and standings.
  • Questions - Should you have any questions, or need to talk to me, I can be reached at 714-914-1188.

    ALL picks must be entered into or called into (714)914-1188.

    ALL non-picked (or picked after game time) games will be counted as a loss for that week.

    Good luck to all of you!
    Ron Frumkin

    Please send your entry information and $75 fee to:

    Ron Frumkin
    834 N. Kintyre Dr.
    Orange , CA 92869


    You MAY pay via PAYPAL. 

    Send payment to

    (This is the EASIEST way to pay your entry fee)


    Call (714) 914-1188 If You Have Questions!